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About Custom Agronomic Solutions

Based in California, Custom Agronomic Solutions is a company that focuses on specialty landscape services. We work hand in hand with Commercial and Residential customers to help manage the exterior of sites and properties including but not limited to Right of Way weed control, fire break applications, under pavement pre-emergences, tree care, and turf renovation. Our specialty lies in landscape, site and exterior property management.

Tip of the Month:

Fall is just around the corner

Fall is just around the corner, which means it’s time to think about Fall Pre-emergent weed control. Weeds are categorized as either broad leaf or grassy type weeds. A Pre-Emergent herbicide controls unwanted weeds and grasses by targeting the weed seed just before or immediately after the seed begins to germinate. Generally most pre-emergent are safe to use around established trees and shrubs as well as most ground cover. A pre-emergent should never be used in areas where seeds or bulbs have been planted or will be in the near future. Fall is also a great time for pre-emergence in areas where there is no irrigation because of rain fall, pre-emergence must be watered in to activate. At custom Ag we do pre-emergence in all areas of your landscape including: flower beds, landscape beds, lawns, open land i.e. fields, vacant lots, bare ground etc..

Common winter weeds in California:

  • Henbit
  • Poa (annual Blue Grass)
  • Prickly Lettuce
  • Chickweed
  • Yellow Mustard
  • Dandelion